10 Things Amy Winehouse Said About Being Bisexual


“Amy” Documentary Poster

A touching new documentary “Amy” looks at many aspects of singer Amy Winehouse, but skirts over her bisexuality.

Winehouse, who died at the age of 27, probably due to accidental alcohol poisoning, was beautiful, carefree and troubled.

If you didn’t know about her yet, you will fall in love with her after seeing this film. If you’re already a fan, you’ll fall in love with her all over again (see full review at BiMagazine.org). The movie opens today, July 2.

Filmmaker Asif Kapadia didn’t see her sexuality as an important part of Amy’s life, but I disagree.

So, If you see the doc this weekend and want to know more about the talented performer, here are some things she (and those who knew her well) said about her bisexuality:



  1. “I find women very satisfying,” Winehouse said in February 2010.
  2. “So what? I like girls as well, I’ve had relationships with women but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love Blake,” Winehouse said, hoping to get back with her ex.
  3. “I don’t care what people think about me being bi—I do what feels good!”
  4. Winehouse confirmed that she had a girl crush on “X Factor” judge Cheryl Cole.
  5. “There’s nothing restrained about Amy’s sexuality,” a close (female) friend said about the singer. “Most women can appreciate another woman’s beauty but Amy definitely takes that to the next level.”
  6. Winehouse put sexy girl tattoos on her body, saying, “I like pin-up girls. I’m more of a boy than a girl.”
  7. She wrote her song “Addicted” about being with a girl and sharing a joint – and not wanting the girl’s boyfriend around.
  8. On vacation at St. Lucia, she hooked up with girls and broke up a lesbian couple when one found her in bed with the other. Amy asked to join in for a threesome.
  9. On the same vacation, she made out with a girl on a hammock.
  10. Amy’s longtime roommate was bisexual pop singer Neon Hitch.
Mike Szymanski
Mike Szymanski has written about bisexual issues since 1989 and has one of the longest-running regular bisexual columns as the National Bisexuality Examiner. He came out as bisexual in a cover story of Genre magazine, which resulted in more than 50 television appearances, including Ricki Lake, Phil Donahue Show and 20/20. Szymanski won the Lambda Literary Award in 2007 for co-authoring an informative humor book “The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways.” Write him at [email protected]