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Bisexual Invisibility
Bisexual Invisibility: Impacts and Recommendations

Produced by the LGBT Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission in 2011, this report gives the community at large important information about how bisexual invisibility is perpetuated and how it detrimentally effects the community's mental and physical health. *  View/Print/Download the full report by clicking here *  Available here in Spanish

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I Think I Might Be Bisexual

A brochure for young people questioning their sexual orientation, produced by the Out4Good program at the Minneapolis Public Schools. The full brochure is available in PDF format by clicking this link.  

Williams Institute
How Many People are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender?

In April 2011, the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law did a study to answer this question. Drawing on information from four recent national and two state-level population-based surveys, the analyses suggest that there are more than 8 million adults in the US who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual, comprising 3.5% of the adult population. In total, the study suggests that approximately 9 million Americans – roughly the population of New Jersey – identify as LGBT. Among adults who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, bisexuals comprise a slight majority (1.8% compared to 1.7% who identify as lesbian or gay); women are substantially more likely than men to identify as bisexual; estimates of those who report any lifetime same-sex sexual behavior and any same-sex sexual attraction are substantially higher than estimates of those who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual. There are also nearly 700,000 transgender individuals in the US. An estimated 19 million Americans (8.2%) report that they have engaged in same-sex sexual behavior and nearly 25.6 million Americans (11%) acknowledge at least some same-sex sexual attraction. The study is available in PDF format by clicking this link.

Bisexuals Guide
The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips, and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways

Double your chances for a date this weekend with the ultimate handbook. Organized by experience level, this no-holds-barred, irreverent guide is for anyone—bisexual, queer, pansexual, or none of the above—who wants the best of both worlds. Increase your Bi-Q now! The print version is now available on at this link.

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Aging Bisexuals – What’s your BiQ?

Misinformation and myths abound for bisexuals; here are some common questions asked about bisexuals and bisexuality, and answers from the people at Safer Sex 4 Seniors. (more…)

Ten Things Bisexuals Should Discuss With Their Healthcare Provider

Following are the health issues GLMA’s (Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality) healthcare providers have identified as most commonly of concern for bisexual people. While not all of these items apply to everyone, it’s wise to be aware of these issues. The handout is available in PDF format by clicking this link.

Getting Bi in a Gay/Straight World

A pocket-sized guide to coming out and staying out, produced by Biphoria UK, as distributed to venues across Greater Manchester and beyond including many Pride stalls. Based on our experiences – the collective wisdom of hundreds of hours of BiPhoria! (more…)

From the New York Times: No Surprise for Bisexual Men: Report Indicates They Exist

In an unusual scientific about-face, researchers at Northwestern University have found evidence that at least some men who identify themselves as bisexual are, in fact, sexually aroused by both women and men. The finding is not likely to surprise bisexuals, who have long asserted that attraction often is not limited to one sex. But for many years the question of bisexuality has bedeviled scientists. A widely publicized study published in 2005, also by researchers at Northwestern, reported that “with respect to sexual arousal and attraction, it remains to be shown that male bisexuality exists.” That conclusion outraged bisexual men and women, who said it appeared to support a stereotype of bisexual men as closeted homosexuals. In the new study, published online in the journal Biological Psychology, the researchers relied on more stringent criteria for selecting participants. To improve their chances of finding men aroused by women as well as men, the researchers recruited subjects from online venues specifically catering to bisexuals. They also required participants to have had sexual experiences with at least two people of each sex and a romantic relationship of at least three months with at least one person of each sex. Men in the 2005 study, on the other hand, were recruited through advertisements in gay-oriented and alternative publications and were identified as heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual based on responses to a standard questionnaire. In both studies, men watched videos of male and female same-sex intimacy while genital sensors monitored their erectile responses. While the first study reported that the bisexuals generally resembled homosexuals in their responses, the new one finds that bisexual men responded to both the male and female videos, while gay and straight men in the study did not. Both studies also found that bisexuals reported subjective arousal to both sexes, notwithstanding their genital responses. “Someone who is bisexual might say, ‘Well, duh!’” said Allen Rosenthal, the lead author of the new Northwestern study and a doctoral student in psychology at the university. “But this will be validating to a lot of bisexual men who had heard about the earlier work and felt that scientists weren’t getting them.” The Northwestern study is the second one published this year to report a distinctive pattern of sexual arousal among bisexual men. In March, a study in Archives of Sexual Behavior reported the results of a different approach to the question. As in the Northwestern study, the researchers showed participants erotic videos of two men and two women and monitored genital as well as subjective arousal. But they also included scenes of a man having sex with both a woman and another man, on the theory that these might appeal to bisexual men. The researchers — Jerome Cerny, a retired psychology professor at Indiana State University, and Erick Janssen, a senior scientist at the Kinsey Institute — found that bisexual men were more likely than heterosexuals or gay men to experience both genital and subjective arousal while watching these videos. Dr. Lisa Diamond, a psychology professor at the University of Utah and an expert on sexual orientation, said that the two new studies, taken together, represented a significant step toward demonstrating that bisexual men do have specific arousal patterns. The full story can be read by clicking this link. The published research can be found by clicking this link.

The Bisexual Man

An article from the May 2012 AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists) newsletter, Contemporary Sexuality, that goes in to some detail on a variety of recent research on male bisexuality. The full issue containing the article is available in PDF format by clicking this link.


BIDEOLOGY is a compelling, feature-length documentary that explores women dating bisexual men. Originally conceptualized as a web series, The Bi-deology Project, it sparked an important conversation on the “heterosexual” relationship, as many assume it involves two strictly heterosexual individuals. What do women expect from male partners attracted to both sexes? How are their belief systems informed? In the media, there are limited references to male bisexuality, leaving the “down low” as the public’s favorite synonym. The cast of BIDEOLOGY exposes the diversity in “heterosexual” relationships, and what all women can learn from men who don’t have a straight sexual identity. The Facebook page for BIDEOLOGY can be found at this link. BIDEOLOGY can be rented (streamed) at this link.

Sex of Angels
Angels of Sex (“El Sexo de los Ángeles”)

Struggling martial artist and dancer Bruno loves his girlfriend Carla, but when he meets fellow dancer Rai, serious sparks begin to fly, opening the couple up to new possibilities. A new generation navigates sexual fluidity, torn affections, and open relationships in this steamy love triangle. But once Bruno’s clandestine encounters with Rai are revealed, a confused and hurt Carla kicks him out. But she simply doesn’t want to give up on her love. Eventually she agrees that Bruno can date them both as long as he keeps his life with Rai relatively separate. The IMDB page with film info and movie trailer can be found at this link. The DVD is available, on, at this link.

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The Bi Brain

Excerpts from the 2008 documentary “Bi the Way” about scientific evidence for existence of bisexuality in human males; it is untrue that men are either “Straight, Gay or Lying.” See for more. Welcome, and you may really be bi, which is wonderful.

Sexual Fluidity
Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire

Is love “blind” when it comes to gender? For women, it just might be. This unsettling and original book offers a radical new understanding of the context-dependent nature of female sexuality. Lisa M. Diamond argues that for some women, love and desire (more…)

Getting Bi
Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexual Around the World

Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World, Second Edition, edited by Robyn Ochs and Sarah Rowley, is the broadest single collection of bisexual literature available today. Getting Bi collects 220 essays from around the world that explore bisexual identity. Topics include coming out, relationships, politics, community, and more. The book also addresses the intersection of bisexuality with race, class, ethnicity, gender identity, disability and national identity. Authors from 42 countries discuss bisexuality from personal perspectives and their own cultural contexts providing insight into societal views on bisexuality from countries ranging from Colombia to China. The print version is now available on at this link.  Proceeds support the work of the Bisexual Resource Center. Getting Bi is also available in eBook format on

La Opcion Bisexual
La Opcion Bisexual

The print version is now available in Spanish, on, at this link. La Opcion Bisexual is also available in eBook format on, and the iTunes Store.  

Bisexual Option
The Bisexual Option

Written by Dr. Fritz Klein, the Second Edition of The Bisexual Option explores bisexuality, explains the bisexual, and explodes myths surrounding this large “unseen” segment of the population. Now in its second edition, this intriguing book gives an overview of bisexuality. As there is still no book that covers the subject like this one, it is must reading for establishing a contemporary view of bisexuality and those committed to a bisexual lifestyle. Fritz Klein, an experienced psychiatrist and expert in bisexuality and sexual orientation, explains the concept and the variables of sexual orientation and where bisexuality fits. The print version is now available on at this link. The Bisexual Option is also available in eBook format on, and the iTunes Store.

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Bi in Beeld/Picturing Bisexuals

Bisexuality is diverse. Bisexuality is exciting. Bisexuality is largely unknown. Bisexuality is … Bisexuality usually is simply fun, and just part of everyday life —yet it’s different. If you are bi, or think you are, you won’t find many examples of people who are openly bi. (more…)