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All women are bisexual, but bi men don’t exist, right?

While these kinds of comments certainly reflect a stereotypical, heterosexual male point of view, they do a poor job of describing reality.  Some women are bisexual and some men are bisexual. According to a 2011 study conducted by the Williams Institute at UCLA, approximately 2.2% of women identify as bisexual (compared to 1.1% who identify as lesbian) and approximately 1.4% of men identify as bisexual (compared to 2.2% who identify as gay).  Scientific studies have verified bisexual arousal patterns in both men and women.


I am bisexual, but I have a friend in Florida who isn't. She is a straight, married, mother of two young children. Though she's lovely and accepting, the idea being with a woman herself makes her uncomfortable. She could never put herself in my shoes that way.


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