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  • Curve’s Column About Biphobia E.J. Rosetta, an out bisexual from the United Kingdom, posted a brilliant column in the lesbian publication Curve that's about biphobia. Called, Bisexual Bias – Why Can't We All Get […]
  • How Mr. Spock Helped a Bi Kid Learn How to Fit In (Personal photos by Mike Szymanski are exclusive to and not to be used without permission) By Mike Szymanski  It was just after my 6th birthday in September 1966 […]
  • Why does Lady Gaga have to prove her bisexuality? Lady Gaga talked about liking both boys and girls since she made it to the international stage five years ago. So why doe she still have to prove it? It seems that this whole idea of […]
  • How Many of the Rockers Are Bi? The has posted an article about "18 Stars Who Prove Queer People Can (Classic) Rock" and there are great videos attached to each of the players. How many are […]
  • More than a Third of Bisexuals in UK Face Sexual Harassment The largest national survey in the United Kingdom ever to assess the needs of bisexuals was released Tuesday (May 26, 2015). The survey revealed that up to 38 percent of the people who […]

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